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2,100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses – Book

uddiyana = a fetter or bondage, a yogic abdominal lock; here the diaphragm is lifted high up the thorax and the abdominal organs by tilting your pelvic floor up and pulling your belly button back toward your spine; the uddiyana-bandha, the great bird prana (life), is forced to fly up through the shushumna-nadi; to fly up

ujjayi = a pranayama that produces sound in the throat with the inhalation, literally meaning “extended victory”; the lungs are fully expanded and the chest is puffed out, slow throat breathing

Upanishad = the word is derived from the prefixes upa (near) and ni (down) added to the root shad (to sit); it means sitting down near a guru to receive spiritual instruction. The Upanishad scriptures of ancient Hindu philosophy are the philosophical portion of the Vedas, the most ancient sacred literature of the Hindus, dealing with the nature of man and the universe and the union of the individual or self with the Universal Sou

2,100 Asanas : The Complete Yoga Poses PDF

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