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PDF Title : A Pickle for the Knowing Ones
Total Page : 39 Pages
Author: Timothy Dexter
PDF Size : 580 KB
Language : English
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A Pickle for the Knowing Ones – Book

How great the soul is! Do not you all wonder & admire to see and behold and hear? Can you all believe half the truth, and admire to hear the wonders how great the soul is—only behold—past finding out! Only see how large the soul is!— that if a man is drowned in the sea, what a great bubble comes up out of the top of the water! the last of the man dying underwater this is wind—is the soul that is the last to ascend out of the deep to glory—it is the breath from on high doth go on high to glory. The bubble is the soul. A young fellow’s for gunning for the good of bodies and souls.

A Pickle for the Knowing Ones PDF

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