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PDF Title : A Woman Is No Man
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A Woman Is No Man – Book

A new year began, and nothing changed. In class, Deya found it hard to pay attention. She felt adrift and nauseous. When school let out and she got home, she retreated quietly to her room, where she ate alone, emerging only to wash the dishes after dinner. A thousand thoughts flicked through her mind like cars on a subway train: she should visit Sarah again, she should leave, she should stay and marry Nasser if he would still have her. But nothing felt right.

Every time she tried to talk to her sisters, she’d clench up, racked with nerves and anger. To them, nothing had really changed. Nora had even said as much one night while trying to comfort Deya. Their parents might as well have died in a car accident, she’d said; they needed to move on.

Deya hadn’t been that kind of person before; she definitely wasn’t now. Most of all she thought about Isra, trying to understand the woman she thought she’d known all these years, yet had so grossly misjudged. When Sarah had first started telling her stories of Isra, they had felt like precisely that: fiction. But now Deya clutched at the stories desperately, each one a clue to the woman her mother really was.

She tried to stitch together the scattered pieces of Isra’s life, to weave them into a full narrative, a complete story, a truth. But she couldn’t—something was missing. There was more to Isra. After everything she had learned over the past weeks, she knew there had to be.

A Woman Is No Man PDF

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