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Battlefield of The Mind – Book

A friend of mine was once given something as a gift from the Lord that I was believing for and had wanted for a long time. Now, I did not consider this friend to be near as “spiritual” as I, and so I became very jealous and envious when she excitedly came to my front door sharing with me what God had done for her. Of course, in her presence, I pretended to be happy for her, but in my heart, I wasn’t.

When she left, attitudes rolled out of me that I never would have thought were in me! I actually resented God’s blessing her because I did not think she deserved it. After all, I stayed home, fasted, and prayed while she ran around with her friends and had a good time. You see, I was a “Pharisee,” a religious snob, and did not even know it.

God arranges events quite often in a way that we would not choose because He knows what we really need. I needed to get rid of my bad attitudes much more than I needed whatever it was that I was believing for. It is important for God to arrange our circumstances in such a way that we have to eventually face ourselves. Otherwise, we never experience freedom.

Battlefield of The Mind PDF

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