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PDF Title : The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta
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The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

My exams are going well and yet it means nothing. I sit on the row adjacent to Brahmi’s. In the last three exams she has been unusually fidgety. She used to write with three pens.

Blue to write, black to underline and red to mark indents. I had picked up the habit from her. Now, she was using just one for her exams. Her question papers have an alarming number of circles for the ones she couldn’t solve. Most of them easy pickings. After every exam, she would tear the question paper and throw it in the dustbin.

I would fetch the papers from the dustbin, tape them together and estimate her marks. She wouldn’t make it to even the top ten in class, not that it mattered any more. I had decided I would put an end to this. She had to do well. It was her last set of exams after all.

It was mathematics. I took extra sheets thrice, two of which I didn’t need. I stole glances at Brahmi’s exam sheet which was sparsely filled. Instead of her god-like handwriting, the paper was filled with squiggles, scratched-out answers and big circles, as if her fingers had gone crooked overnight.

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