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PDF Title : Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems
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Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems – Book

For long‐term success, you really need to find a winning strategy. This entails a lot of “grunt” work—finding ideas, testing them, refining them, and hopefully eventually trading them. A few years ago, I kept track of my trading strategy development. I found out that I had to test about 100 to 200 trading ideas before I found something worth trading with my own money. Most people would likely abandon trading long before testing 100 ideas.

Others would say, “Yes, it takes Kevin 100 ideas, but he is a dullard. I am much smarter, so it will only take me less than 10 ideas.” Those same people, unfortunately, usually take shortcuts or cheat to get what appears to be an acceptable trading system. Shortcut takers, in the long run, usually lose.

Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems PDF

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