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Come Into My Trading Room – Book

Good trades begin and end with money management. The 6% Rule tells you whether you may put on a trade in the first place. Then, before you place an order, the 2% Rule tells you the maximum size allowed for that trade, based on the distance from your entry to the stop. Sandwiched between those rules is market analysis. Here, in this chapter, I want to illustrate the analytic process for you.

Shocking but true, most people who write books on trading do not trade. Inputting together their books, they rely on the power of well-chosen hypothetical examples. The only people obligated to disclose their track records are money managers. I trade my own money and feel no need to lay my full accounting open to curiosity seekers. Still, you trusted me enough to buy this book. Since all trust is mutual, I want to reciprocate by showing you some of my trades.

Here are a few trades I executed in recent months. It is important that all of them have already been closed out. One of the worst things a trader can do is reveal his open trades, putting his ego on the line and gumming up the decision-making process. Completed trades are history, from which we may learn.

Come Into My Trading Room PDF

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