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Common Problems: You may never experience some of the following issues, but there are some that will return time and again. As you gain experience addressing these more common issues, you will begin to make consistent connections between the causes and the issues. Until that time, you must rely on the application of the troubleshooting method covered in Chapter 10, “Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Issues,” and a clear understanding of the common problems discussed in this section.

Slow File Access: Slow file access can have a number of causes, starting with network issues if the file is accessed across a network. Another of the potential causes of slow file access is insufficient memory. When this is the case, it causes excessive paging. Another cause can be a drive that needs to be defragmented. Fragmented drive results in it taking much longer for all the parts of a file to be located before the file will open. Other issues that cause slow performance are controller cards that need updating, improper data cables, and slower devices sharing the same cable with the hard drive in the case of local storage.

CompTIA Server+® Study Guide PDF

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