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PDF Title : Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy
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Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy – Book

If you find that the pen bumps along on the upstroke, making a shaky line, try to keep it relaxed in your hand and let it slide gently up the page, rather than pushing into the paper. Be sure that the angle of the penholder is not too steep or the point of the nib will catch in the paper. If you are tense and grip the pen too tightly, the line will probably be unsteady.

Take a deep breath, loosen your grip on the penholder, and try again. Like the basic downstroke, the upstroke is incomplete. In this case, since the stroke begins at the baseline rather than at the ascender line, the finishing stroke of the downstroke becomes a lead-in stroke. The lead-in stroke of the basic upstroke can be a filled-in dot or a spiral.

To start the basic upstroke with a filled-in dot, begin slightly above the baseline with a short upstroke, curving to the left and back down. This motion will make the filled-in dot, which then continues into the hairline upstroke. The second option is a counterclockwise spiral.

Start with a short upstroke a little above the baseline, and curve up to the waistline, around to the left, and down (allowing the nib to open) to the baseline. Continue the curve into the basic upstroke. This spiral, like the one used as the finishing stroke of the basic downstroke, is oval, with an axis of 55 degrees.

Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy PDF

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