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PDF Title : Cryptography and Network Security
Book Edition : 6th Edition
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Cryptography and Network Security, 6th Edition

Database environments used in cloud computing can vary significantly. Some providers support a multi-instance model, which provides a unique DBMS running on a virtual machine instance for each cloud subscriber. This gives the subscriber complete control over role definition, user authorization, and other administrative tasks related to security.

Other providers support a multi-tenant model, which provides a predefined environment for the cloud subscriber that is shared with other tenants, typically through tagging data with a subscriber identifier. Tagging gives the appearance of exclusive use of the instance but relies on the CP to establish and maintain a sound secure database environment.

Data must be secured while at rest, in transit, and in use, and access to the data must be controlled. The client can employ encryption to protect data in transit, though this involves key management responsibilities for the CP. The client can enforce access control techniques but, again, the CP is involved to some extent depending on the service model used

Cryptography and Network Security, 6th Edition PDF

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