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PDF Title : Deadly Little Lies: A Touch Novel
Total Page : 282 Pages
Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Language : English
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Deadly Little Lies: A Touch Novel Book

I wake up early the following morning with an insatiable need to sculpt. It’s what I dreamed about all night—until the sun finally peeped in through the cracks of my window shades, nudging me to get up, to go down into the basement studio, and to feel the sticky wet earth against my fingertips.

At barely 9 a.m., my parents have already been up for hours. My mom usually does her sun salutations at 5 o’clock every morning. And Dad hits his NordicTrack around 7. Neither of them is home now, though. They’ve left a note on the fridge for me, saying they went to Raw for breakfast. And so I grab a quick bowl of sugarcoated cereal from Dad’s secret stash and head downstairs.

It’s freezing in the basement. It seems my dad left the corner window open a crack to diminish the pottery fumes he insists are real. I close it up, surprised by the strength of the wind; it blows my hair back and makes my eyes water. Still, despite the cold, the sun pours in through the glass, illuminating my worktable. I light one of my mom’s aromatherapy candles—one with bits of rose petals embedded into the wax—and inhale the tealike scent.

Deadly Little Lies: A Touch Novel PDF

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