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PDF Title : Die Empty: unleash your best work everyday
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Author: Todd Henry
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Die Empty: unleash your best work everyday – Book

In the past, successful people were typically those who were good problem solvers. They could take disparate bits of data, crunch them, and weave together an elegant solution to the problem. Over the next several decades, people who are especially adept at problem finding will define the world of work. These are people who are intensely curious and willing to apply their cognitive abilities to explore the gray zone adjacent to existing opportunities until they identify a vein of gold.

Bob Lokken grew up in a rural Montana hamlet of about thirty people. He says that his time growing up there taught him to identify and solve problems and to add value from a very early age. “I came to learn early on that the best way for me to be a part of something great was to find a way to add value to it. Everything else seemed to take care of itself.” Because of his recognition of those problem-solving aptitudes, he chose to study engineering in college, and upon graduation, he began to pursue his graduate degree but was convinced to leave school in order to join a start-up.

“I saw two paths in front of me. This was the 1980s, so I could go sit in a cubicle farm with hundreds of other engineers working for a defense contractor, or I could go the start-up route and be a part of something uncertain, but exciting. I chose the path where I thought I would see the entire span of a business, and learn as much as I could.” After a few years with the start-up, he launched his first entrepreneurial venture inside of the company, giving him the chance to experience leading a start-up without the same measure of risk.

Die Empty: unleash your best work everyday PDF

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