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PDF Title : Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon
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Author: Terrance Dicks
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Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon – Book

He took out his sonic screwdriver and adjusted it, then used it to shine a violet light over the scroll. The lettering on the scroll faded, allowing another lettering to show through beneath.

‘Your Peacemaker friends took a genuine Council scroll and altered its meaning. You see the changes here… and here and here… If I just resonate it a little, you can see what the document really says.’ Letters faded away and were replaced by others. The Doctor turned off his sonic screwdriver and let the scroll roll back up with a snap. He held it out. ‘Here you go.’

The Judoon Captain took the scroll and unrolled it again. He studied it carefully, reading out loud in his deep rumbling voice.

Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon PDF

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