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ELEVEN MINUTES – a novel – Book

No, it wasn’t the most important thing in the world, but it was still important. She looked around her; most of the thousands of books surrounding her were love stories. It was always the same: someone meets someone, falls in love, loses them and finds them again. There are souls speaking unto souls, there are distant places, adventures, sufferings, anxieties, but very rarely anyone saying: ‘Excuse me, sir, but why don’t you try acquiring a better understanding of the female body?’ Why didn’t books talk openly about that?

Perhaps people weren’t really interested. Men would always go looking for novelty; they were still the troglodyte Unter, obeying the reproductive instinct of the human race.

And what about women? In her personal experience, the desire to have a good orgasm with one’s partner lasted only for the first few years; then the frequency of orgasms diminished, but no one talked about it, because every woman thought it was her problem alone. And so they lied, pretending that they found their husband’s desire to make love every night oppressive. And by lying, they left other women feeling worried.

They turned their thoughts to other things: children, cooking, timetables, housework, bills to pay, their husband’s affairs – which they tolerated – holidays abroad during which they were more concerned with their children than with themselves, their complicity, or even love, but no sex.


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