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Exciting Times : A Novel – Book

They seemed cordial, but they always did. I wondered what they were really thinking, and knew that in Edith’s case, at least, those thoughts were probably hostile. I wished she could understand that Julian wasn’t pulling me back into our old dynamic. Him needing me was strange and new. Also, his father had been ill. It seemed farcical that I even needed to explain to Edith why I couldn’t abandon him now.

On another level, I knew I’d abused her trust and had broken it again since my first apology by staying with Julian past the initial deadline. Under this reading of events, which I did appreciate was probably the same one, it was not much to ask that I stop living with the man I’d lied to her about fucking.

But what sort of person packed their bags when their friend’s dad was just out of the hospital? This, I thought, was the trouble with being emotionally invested in two articulate people who both made their case well.

Exciting Times : A Novel PDF

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