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From Hacking to Report Writing – (An Introduction to Security and Penetration Testing) Book

The most important issue to address is the guest account situation on Fileserver. The current configuration allows anyone on the network to connect to the server and view all of its shared files. This means that data from Fileserver could already have fallen into the wrong hands.
Zukunft should make sure that a process to keep all of the organization’s software updated is put in place. The lack of such a process is apparent on Web gateway where the running Apache webserver version is highly dated. Also, the organization should review the policy that regulates employees’ use of company equipment (for personal gain).

An example of such usage is the supposedly private website found on port 3000/TCP on the Web gateway. The final area of focus should be a review of what remote administration services the organization should use.

An example of where two somewhat overlapping services are in use is the Netadmin server. Providing both Telnet and SSH, the administrative tasks on Netadmin should be able to be carried out using only one of the services, with SSH being the preferred choice due to Telnet’s nonexistent security features.

From Hacking to Report Writing PDF

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