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Game Programming Patterns – Book

This is a newer style that some game engines use. Once you’ve moved all of your entity’s behavior and state out of the main class and into components, what’s left? It turns out, not much. The only thing an entity does is bind a set of components together. It exists just to say this AI component and this physics component and this render component define one living entity in the world.

That’s important because components interact. The render component needs to know where the entity is, which may be a property of the physics component. The AI component wants to move the entity, so it needs to apply force to the physics component. Each component needs a way to get the other sibling components of the entity it’s a part of.

Some smart people realized all you need for that is an ID. Instead of the entity knowing its components, the components know their entity. Each component knows the ID of the entity that owns it. When the AI component needs the physics component for its entity, it simply asks for the physics component with the same entity ID that it holds.

Game Programming Patterns PDF

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