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Hack And HHVM by Owen Yamauchi Book

Hack’s creators know better than most how difficult it is to do an en-masse conversion of a large codebase. When Hack was first conceived, Facebook had a PHP code-base of tens of millions of lines, being worked on simultaneously by hundreds of engineers.

The benefits of Hack are compounded when most of a codebase is in Hack. For Face‐ book, this meant that some way to automatically migrate large swaths of code was essentially a hard requirement for Hack to gain any traction.

The codebase was too large, and changed too quickly, for a manual approach to be workable. As a result, the standard HHVM/Hack installation includes several tools for automated migration of PHP code to Hack.

The Hackificator: The first measure to take in converting a PHP codebase to Hack is to use the Hackificator, which performs an initial broad-strokes conversion. It scans a directory for PHP files and performs two steps in those files.

Hack And HHVM by Owen Yamauchi PDF

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