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PDF Title : Head First Agile: A brain-friendly guide
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Head First Agile: A brain-friendly guide – Book

One you’ve got the steps in your process written down and you’ve started looking at how features flow through it, you’re ready to think about all of the rules team members are following when they do their day-to-day work. It’s pretty common for people to come up with their own rules as they’re working that guide their behavior and the decisions they make.

Many of the misunderstandings and miscommunications that your team will run into while they’re working come from these unwritten rules. But when you really start talking about the policies, and people on your team are having a truly open and collaborative discussion, your whole team can begin to work together to avoid any misunderstandings upfront.

Teams use these policy discussions to come up with working agreements together that make team interactions smoother and keep everyone focused on changing policies rather than fighting with each other when things go wrong.

Head First Agile: A brain-friendly guide PDF

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