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PDF Title : Head First C#
Edition : 3rd Edition
Total Page : 948 Pages
Author: Andrew Stellman
PDF Size : 22.0 MB
Language : English
Rights : oreilly.com
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Head First C# (2nd edition)

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Head First C# – Third Edition – Book

You’ve probably noticed one important difference between Windows Store apps and desktop applications: there’s no obvious way to close a Windows Store app. But think about it for a minute…why would you ever really need to close an app?

You may need to switch out of it, but what if your computer has enough memory and extra CPU cycles to keep it alive for you in case you want to come back to it? When you switch away from an app, Windows suspends it, and while an app is suspended it stays in memory, with all of the objects and resources it needs kept alive.

If Windows needs to free up that memory, it will terminate the app, unloading it and freeing up any resources it’s using. But as a user, do you really care if your app is suspended or terminated? In most cases, users actually don’t care—as long as when the app resumes, it returns to a state that makes sense to the user. When an app responds to Windows suspending and resuming it, that’s called process lifetime management.

Head First C# – Third Edition PDF

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