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High Probability Trading Strategies – Book

You don’t have to have a large account or take large risks to learn how to trade and develop a trading plan. It’s true, you are not going to make a lot of money with a small account and unleveraged trades. You are also not going to lose a lot as you learn. The learning process can be costly with leveraged trades.

Until you have developed a consistently successful trading plan that is profitable on a regular basis, your objective is not to make money but to learn to trade. That may sound odd, saying that your objective is not to make money, but that’s the way it is. Once you have learned to trade, the money follows.

There is absolutely no reason to take big risks until you have learned to trade successfully. Are you interested in trading futures stock indexes like the ES Mini (S&P mini futures contract)? Trade the SPY ETF until you are consistently profitable, and then move on to the leveraged futures contract. Want to trade Forex? Forget 100:1 leverage until you have learned how to trade.

Most of the major currency pairs have an ETF you can trade until you have learned how to trade successfully. If you can’t make money trading unleveraged, you will never make money trading leveraged. It is that simple. This is a clear distinction between someone who is serious about learning how to trade and someone who thinks trading is a get rich quick activity.

High Probability Trading Strategies PDF

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