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PDF Title : Horizons by Peter W Prellwitz
Total Page : 130 Pages
Author: Peter W Prellwitz
PDF Size : 767 KB
Language : English
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Horizons by Peter W Prellwitz – Book

“That stuff’ll kill you, black like that,” he chided Pam as she took the mug from his hand and sipped the piping hot coffee. His coffee was already a dark brown from the added cream and sugar. They were seated at a small table at a small cafe just inside the Red Zone. The Red Zone was the decks–usually two or more of the first five at the top of the station–that was devoted to catering to the carnal pleasures of the crew just putting into port. Rough, loud, and operating only just on the shady side of legal, it was a place that neither Mal nor Pam frequented but nonetheless offered a certain amount of anonymity. It was made further safe by the presence of ABS Jenkins at a nearby table.

Horizons by Peter W Prellwitz PDF

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