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PDF Title : House of Darkness House of Light
Book Edition: Volume 1
Total Page : 652 Pages
Author: Andrea Perron
PDF Size : 2.7 MB
Language : English
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House of Darkness House of Light – Book

Once the black stove arrived, she became more visible. When invisible, she became more active, often demonstrating her disapproval by leaving a pile of debris in the center of the kitchen floor with the dustpan beside it. There was nothing subtle about her approach. Wooden floor: each plank lined with deep grooves; crevices craving dirt from the bottom of work boots were magnets for whatever got tracked in.

It was a farm! Short of sweeping incessantly, to the exclusion of virtually every other chore, there was no way to keep those floors spotlessly clean. The traffic was too steady; the other chores, too dirty. When particularly annoyed, she would switch the broom, twitching it rapidly back and forth; covering about a square foot. Indicating extreme agitation, she’d then toss it onto the floor. Irk and ire; it was easy to arouse her wrath: making a mess will make a temper manifest. Spill some coffee grounds in the pantry or drop a few woodchips at the base of the stove.

It drove her crazy! This irascible spirit must have become infuriated during harvest time as their kitchen was always a wreck! Of all the spirits-in-residence, she was the one expressing her sentiment effectively; radiating gamma waves of resentment; her most righteous indignation regarding perceived neglect of the premises. Essentially, she’d begun impacting their environment rather than visiting one formerly her own from another time.

House of Darkness House of Light PDF

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