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One of the critical components of the program is the concept of diversifying through time. We all know that diversifying is a way to reduce risk. But when everyone talks about diversification, they are talking about diversifying the instruments that you trade.

A classic example is to not invest in just five stocks but has at least 30 stocks in your portfolio to diversify your risk. And, in fact, the more stocks you have in your portfolio, the less volatility of returns you will have.

However, there are other ways to diversify to lower risk. For example, you can diversify through time. Having different methods trade at different time periods will reduce the risk in your portfolio even with the same number of instruments. I have given you methods that will trade on short-term time frames as well as longer time frames.

For example, trend analysis tends to be looking at the market over a several-week time frame while channel breakout looks at 55 days or almost three months. Then add in the short-term methods like inside days and you have a lot of different time frames covered.

How To Make A Living Trading Foreign Exchange PDF

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