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Traders often resort to practices such as averaging and hedging in order to manage risk. None of these can save you. Instead, you will get yourself deeper into the soup. There are also people who like to double their position size after losses. They do this in the hope of recovering multiple losses with one gain.

They believe that just because they have been through a series of losses, their probability of victory in the next trade is higher. That’s total ignorance about the laws of probability. According to the theory of probability, each individual trade has an equal probability of being a loser or a winner trade.

The chances of profit or loss will always be 50%. So just because you have failed, say, 5 times, it doesn’t mean that you have any higher probability that the sixth trade will be a winner. Please do not harbor any such superstitions. I have seen people adopting weird ways and means to guess whether a stock is a buy or a sell call — and then they blame the markets.

Any increase in position size on the basis of such assumptions is an invitation to self-sabotage and fiscal suicide. Recovering money from a losing position is ten times more difficult than making money from a winning position. Strong trends don’t give up easily, and staying in their way is not the correct thing to do.

How To Make Money in Intraday Trading PDF

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