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Jenkins has gained a lot of notoriety is summarily due to its highly extensible architecture and widely developed plugin ecosystem. The open-source community to date has developed hundreds of centrally available plugins, in an effort to maximize the capabilities of Jenkins, integrate it with other technologies, and provide tighter coupling with another development-related tooling. The popular catchphrase surrounding the Jenkins plugin ecosystem is There’s a plugin for that, and indeed there probably is.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Issac Newton

The Jenkins open source development community in conjunction with enterprise software organizations has introduced a vast collection of ready-made plugins that can tailor Jenkins to meet almost any organizations’ specific tools and processes. Even with all of the ready-made plugins, it may be necessary to implement a custom plugin for a specific need or solution.

Creating plugins for Jenkins provides us with the ability to customize almost every aspect of the Jenkins system and even extend plugins that already exist. Developing plugins for Jenkins may sound like a daunting task at first but with a little effort, research and perseverance we will learn how to create and deploy custom functionality for the Jenkins system through the Jenkins plugin architecture.

Mastering Jenkins PDF

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