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PDF Title : Mistborn: The Final Empire
Total Page : 620 Pages
Author: Brandon Sanderson
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Language : English
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Mistborn: The Final Empire – Book

The obligator turned, not giving Vin a second glance, and strolled away. She released a quiet breath, watching his shuffling form.

They must know everything that happens in court, she realized. If nobility call them over to witness things this simple . . . The more she knew about the Ministry, the more she realized how clever the Lord Ruler had been in organizing them. They witnessed every mercantile contract; Dockson and Renoux had to deal with obligators nearly every day.

Only they could authorize weddings, divorces, land purchases, or ratify inheritance of titles. If an obligator hadn’t witnessed an event, it hadn’t happened, and if one hadn’t sealed a document, then it might as well not have been written.

Mistborn: The Final Empire PDF

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