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PDF Title : Options Made Easy
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Options Made Easy : your guide to profitable trading – Book

What I learned was that for me, it was a good idea to treat every investment as if it were that loan from the bank or someone who was depending on me. That way I’d always stick to my Stop Loss and other money management rules. As it happens, the stock doubled in less than six months, and I sold the whole lot at around $38.50. Everyone was happy, especially me! So now I always make that promise to obey my Stop Loss, and it works every time.

The fear of loss in such a public manner is enough to motivate me to plan my trade around a predetermined profit and Stop Loss target. If something seems to be going awry in the price action and I’m still in a profitable position, I’ll take my profits early and move on. There’s nothing so frustrating in watching a profitable position turn against you into a loss-making position.

The fear of loss can be crippling to many traders who experience “freeze” which is a bit like the “yips” that some golfers suffer. By publicly stating what you’re going to do, you can not only overcome the fear factor but actually use it beneficially to stick to your Trading Plan. Having a trading buddy can help in this department; it just depends on what works for you.

Options Made Easy : your guide to profitable trading PDF

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