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In our data-oriented context, caveats of such approach should be immediately visible – data is spread all around such tree hierarchy. It is perfectly OK in regular OOP, where there are few business objects cooperating with each other. But it becomes a bottleneck if we have to process thousands or millions of similar entities, let’s say – vehicles, to update their position.

We could use the structure-of-arrays approach to keep a separate list of structs representing houses, vehicles, livings, and so on, so forth. This however is not very practical, and still, many algorithms may need to access a various sets of properties contained in those lists (breaking good data locality benefits).

The solution to this problem is proposed in the form of a so-called Entity Component System that, simply speaking, prefers composition over inheritance. As we will soon see, one of its foundations is good data locality consistent with the idea of structureof-arrays.

In Entity Component System, there are no types representing the house, vehicle, or any other living. Entities are being composed of dynamically adding and removing components, representing capabilities. Such entities are then processed by various systems, representing the required logic.

Pro .NET Memory Management PDF

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