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PDF Title : Reclaim Your Heart
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Reclaim Your Heart – Book

It’s hard to explain freedom. It’s so deep and so real. Looking through the confusion, the empty boxes and hollow images, I saw you—Dunya. You place veil after veil over my eyes.

Trying to win me, deceive me, enslave me to your lies. When the truth is you couldn’t give me even a drop of water when I stood at your door begging. I was on my knees before you, desperate for you to fill me. What I see now is a glimpse of clarity that only the stab of perpetual disappointment could carve.

And I sit here surrounded by your henchmen, your army of liars sent to keep me in chains. But I won’t be your prisoner anymore. I will no longer be that little girl lying awake at night thinking of you. I am no longer that heartbroken child wasting her tears on you. My unrequited love can no longer break me. You won’t break me.

I won’t bend to your glitter and false promises. I am no longer that faithful subject standing before your false throne. My tears are no longer yours to have. And my heart is no longer your sanctuary.

Reclaim Your Heart PDF

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