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PDF Title : Redeeming Love – Book
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Author: Francine Rivers
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Redeeming Love – Book Book

Angel scrambled over the heap, searching frantically. “I’ll find it, Mama! I’ll find it!” She saw something glimmer brightly and reached for it. “It’s here! Oh, it’s here, Mama.” The scow lurched violently and rose at one end, dumping garbage into the sea. Angel cried out, trying to reach her mother’s rosary as she tumbled. Her fingertips just brushed the crucifix and beads before it slipped away, spilling over the side into the turbulent sea.

Angel felt herself slipping away as well. Instinctively, she grasped hold of something, but nothing was solid enough to hold her safe. Everything was going. She splashed into the cold water, decaying debris churning around her. She kicked and fought to make the surface and when she did, it was calm. She saw a shore and swam toward it.

When she reached it, she could hardly stand under the weight of the filth clinging to her. She staggered onto the beach and sank down, exhausted. Her skin was blotched with ugly sores and disgusting growths, like the baby of the young prostitute.

Redeeming Love – Book PDF

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