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PDF Title : Rumi: Swallowing the Sun
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Rumi: Swallowing the Sun – Book

“Angel Eyes” from the Koran describe the beauties in the symbolic paradise that awaits believers (see Koran 52:20, 56:22 and 44:54). The multichrome design may refer to Rumi’s notion of the prismatic nature of reality: truth is nichrome, white light, but as it is refracted into the phenomenal world, things that are actually one appear in duality and distinction, so that even Moses may come into conflict with a Moses (see Masnavi Book 1: 2467).

The speaking persona of the poem asks the guide/beloved for attention, which includes the reprimands of boxing his ears, but as long as exclusive attention is given to the disciple/lover, this is enough, even if the reprimands prove overwhelming and unending. Of course, the discussion is jocular in tone, and everyday events intrude on the poem, such as the bread and greens (it is worth noting that novitiates desiring entrance into the Mevlevi Order of Whirling Dervishes in later centuries had to first serve in the kitchen for 1001 days).

Rumi: Swallowing the Sun PDF

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