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Love is our aloneness with the lord of such beauty and depth that we’re not lonely. The empty space of the guest house, not the guests moving through, the host and theater where mind and desire play out their myriad emotions. As say Shakespeare is the great globe itself, not the players, nor the drowned book, not the jealous lover or the eloquently introspective athlete or the rugged king, who calls himself “old and foolish,” rather the space those inhabit and the source. This love-region called lord is not imagination. This emptiness so dazzlingly full of emanation is what gnostics call the pleroma.

Niffari calls it Ignorance. Someone else, the cloud of unknowing. Words do not approach it hence the edge of self-satire that word-mystics barely keep in check. This is the one we know early on in life and comes back to late. Overlord, director of dreams, the company that most nourishes our soul, this is the great love we’re given and feel bearing us along.

Rumi: The Book of Love PDF

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