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Seeking Kokopelli – Book

Adam turned his head, their lips colliding. This time, Nate plundered his mouth, his aggression signaling things were about to get serious. Fine with him. Adam grasped Nate‟s shoulders and hung on. Nate pushed him, and they fell to the bed in a tangle of limbs. Nate pulled away and grinned at Adam, trapping him against the mattress while he took tiny nips at Adam‟s neck. They were hard enough to send jolts through him, but Adam didn‟t think they‟d mark his skin. Not that he cared if they did. The others knew they were a couple. No more sneaking around.

Nate worked down his body, starting out slow and careful with each new location and gradually building up the pressure until Adam squirmed and moaned his satisfaction. Under Nate‟s ministrations, his nipples pulled to tight, sensitive nubs. His Kokopelli burned. Adam‟s breathing became heavy, his nostrils flaring. Nate‟s scent wound through his senses, along with intense yearning.

Seeking Kokopelli PDF

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