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PDF Title : Swallowing Darkness: A Novel
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Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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Swallowing Darkness: A Novel – Book

I knelt in the leaves and weeds in the winter-locked forest. I had to turn him over with my left hand, for my right shoulder was still full of the nails. I could flex my hand, but I could not raise it high enough to do anything but steady the man’s body as I pushed. The pain from just that small helping movement was excruciating. It left me breathless, and the bare trees swam in streamers of sickening black and white. I rested on the man’s chest for a moment, eyes closed, not sure if I was going to throw up or pass out.

Then something fell against my cheek. The touch made me raise my head. A single pink rose petal slid onto the man’s chest. The Goddess was with me. I would not fail.

I raised my eyes and found the face under the uniform. It was the wizard Dawson, with his pale hair and paler face. So terribly pale among the darkened trees. He looked like his own ghost.

I touched his face with my good hand. He was icy to the touch. I checked for the big pulse in the neck. My chest tightened because there was nothing. Then…a tenuous, hesitating pulse. He was near death, but not dead.

Swallowing Darkness: A Novel PDF

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