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PDF Title : The Art of Invisibility
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The Art of Invisibility – Book

In chapter 6 I talked about Bitcoin, virtual currency. By itself, Bitcoin is not anonymous. They can be traced through what’s called a blockchain back to the source of the purchase; similarly, all subsequent purchases can be traced as well.

So Bitcoin by itself is not going to hide your identity. We will have to run the funds through an anonymity mechanism: converting prepaid gift cards into Bitcoin, then running the Bitcoin through a laundering service. This process will result in anonymized Bitcoin being used for future payments.

We will need the laundered Bitcoin, for example, to pay for our VPN service and any future purchases of data usage on our portable hotspot or burner phone. Using Tor, you can set up an initial Bitcoin wallet at or other Bitcoin wallet sites.

Some sites broker deals in which you can buy Bitcoin with prepaid gift cards, such as those preset Vanilla Visa and Vanilla MasterCard gift cards I mentioned earlier. The downside is that you will pay a huge premium for this service, at least 50 percent.

The Art of Invisibility PDF

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