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PDF Title : The Complete Guide To Day Trading
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The Complete Guide To Day Trading – Book

1) Revenge: You lost money. The market has been mean to you. “They” just took out your stop and now the market keeps moving in your direction. So you want to get back at them. You keep trading, thinking, “The next trade will make back all the money I lost so far, and that will hurt them.” Believe me: the market is ALWAYS stronger, and it will be YOU who gets the bloody nose.

2) Boredom: There are some days when the ducks simply don’t line up. You’re watching the markets and it’s like watching paint dry: nothing moves. You wait…and wait…and wait…and suddenly you just get that “itch” to trade. You think, “If I don’t trade, I won’t make any money!” and you jump into a trade immediately. Of course, the trade isn’t according to your plan, and you end up with a loss.

The Complete Guide To Day Trading PDF

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