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PDF Title : THE DWARF: Modern Korean Fiction
Total Page : 233 Pages
Author: Se-hui Cho, Ju-Chan Fulton
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THE DWARF: Modern Korean Fiction – Book

I thought there was only one way that blind people could see the world. And that was for them to have sight. Mother held to a different idea: It all depended on the eyes through which you saw the world. She knew an old man who saw well with just one eye. Every day Mother went to the lumberyard of a wood products factory that owed its existence to an exclusive license from the U˘ngang Regional Port Authority. Piled there were timber logs from Indonesia.

When the tide came up to the lumberyard the logs floated. A log-picker plucked the logs from the water. The people of Liberation Precinct stripped the bark from the Indonesian logs, which had grown tall in the Indonesian sunshine. They stripped the bark and used it at home for fuel. The surplus they sold. Mother and the one-eyed old man stripped the bark together. The old man had worked at the casting plant and lost sight of an eye. For thirty years he had seen the world through a single eye. He was different from the one-eyed king of the country of the blind.

THE DWARF: Modern Korean Fiction PDF

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