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The Giver by Lois Lowry Book

Jonas had heard again and again now, reference to the previous failure. But he still did not know what had happened ten years before. “Giver,” he said, “tell me what happened. Please.” The Giver shrugged. “On the surface, it was quite simple.

A Receiver-to-be was selected, the way you were. The selection went smoothly enough. The Ceremony was held, and the selection was made. The crowd cheered, as they did for you. The new Receiver was puzzled and a little frightened, as you were.” “My parents told me it was a female.” The Giver nodded.

Jonas thought of his favorite female, Fiona, and shivered. He wouldn’t want his gentle friend to suffer the way he had, taking on the memories. “What was she like?” he asked The Giver. The Giver looked sad, thinking about it. “She was a remarkable young woman.

Very self-possessed and serene. Intelligent, eager to learn.” He shook his head and drew a deep breath. “You know, Jonas, when she came to me in this room, when she presented herself to begin her training”

The Giver by Lois Lowry PDF

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