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PDF Title : The Laws of the Spirit World
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Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri
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The Laws of the Spirit World

Currently, we are trying very hard to improve souls on Earth in order to help them survive the shift. We are also working to move good souls to safer areas. There is a flurry of activity all around the Earth, of which you are not even aware. We are extremely alert right now, and are keeping track of every single change on Earth.

The shift is a necessary cleansing process. It has occurred at regular intervals in your planet’s history; however, this time, human beings have come too close to destroying the very planet that gives them life, supports them, and helps them grow.

Human beings have to learn to live in total unity and harmony with nature. So it is up to you to simplify your lives and follow the right path. Once again, the only way for you to survive is to change for the better and follow the right path.

The Laws of the Spirit World PDF

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