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Trading in the Zone – Book

When you believe that you don’t know what is going to happen next, what exactly are you expecting from the market? If you said “I don’t know,” you are absolutely right. If you believe that something will happen and that you don’t need to know exactly what that something is to make money, then where is the potential to define and interpret market information as threatening and painful? If you said “There is none,” you are absolutely right again.

Here is one more example of how beliefs demand expression. Let’s look at a situation where a child’s first encounter with a dog was a very positive experience. As a result, he has absolutely no problem interacting with dogs (any dog for that matter), because he has not encountered one that’s unfriendly.

Therefore, he has no concept (an energized belief) that it is possible for a dog to inflict any damage or cause him to experience pain. As he learns to associate words with his memories, he will probably acquire a belief along the lines of “all dogs are friendly and fun.”

Therefore, every time a dog comes into his field of awareness, this belief will demand expression. From the perspective of someone who fi with a do?, it will seem as if this child has an attitude of reckless abandon.

Trading in the Zone PDF

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