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PDF Title : Vampire Diaries: The Return
Book Series : The Return
Edition : Nightfall
Total Page : 186 Pages
Author: L. J. Smith
PDF Size : 951 KB
Language : English
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Vampire Diaries: The Return – Nightfall Book

“I made a bargain with a demon and, yes, I knew what he was when I did it. It was the night after your friends were attacked by the trees—after Stefan banished me from his room. That and—well, I was angry, but he took my anger and boosted it. He was using me, controlling me; I see that now. That’s when he started with the deals and conditions.”

“Damon—” Elena began shakily, but he went on, speaking rapidly as if he had to get through this, to see it to its conclusion, before he lost his nerve. “The final deal was that he would help me get Stefan out of the way so I could have you, while he got Caroline and the rest of the town to share with his sister. Thus trumping Caroline’s bargain for whatever she was getting from Misao.”

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Vampire Diaries: The Return – Nightfall PDF

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