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PDF Title : What Color Is Your Parachute
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Author: Richard Nelson Bolles
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What Color Is Your Parachute – Book

Don’t ever think to yourself: “Well, I see what it is that I would die to be able to do, but I know there is no job in the world like that.” Dear friend, you don’t know any such thing. Now I grant you that after you have completed it, you may not be able to find all that you want—down to the last detail. But you’d be surprised at how much of your dream you may be able to find. Sometimes it will be found in stages.

One retired man I know, who had been a senior executive with a publishing company, found himself bored to death in retirement after he turned sixty-five. He decided he didn’t care what field he worked in, at that point, so he contacted his favorite business acquaintance, who told him apologetically, “Times are tough. We just don’t have anything open that matches or requires your abilities; right now all we need is someone in our mailroom.”

The sixty-five-year-old executive said, “I’ll take that job!” He did, and over the ensuing years steadily advanced once again, to just the job he wanted: as a senior executive in that organization, where he utilized all his prized skills, for a number of years. Finally, he retired for the second time, at the age of eighty-five.

What Color Is Your Parachute PDF

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