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PDF Title : The Originals: The Loss
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Klaus’s hands balled into fists, and Rebekah instinctively edged her body in front of Marguerite’s, shielding her from whatever wrath her brother still had left in him. “You have a lot of nerve, talking about who is supposed to live and die. Our whole existence is unnatural, Rebekah. The rules that people must live and die by don’t apply to us, and my wife is waiting at home to prove it yet again. With this opal and her magic, she can have the same chance that you and I do, and you’re crazy if you think that I don’t intend to give it to her.”

It was hopeless. Klaus refused to accept that there were things in the world outside of his control, even while he was surrounded by the obvious. “Of course you’ll give it to her,” Rebekah agreed, changing tack and softening her tone. “Niklaus, I’m not saying that you must keep the opal away from Vivianne, or that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to help her. What I’m telling you is that it’s not in your power. The opal won’t help her, and neither will whatever spell she’s cooking up in our attic right now. I’m not trying to talk you out of this. I’m trying to prepare you for the fact that it won’t work.”

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