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PDF Title : The Originals: The Resurrection
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Rebekah had let herself be caught up in Klaus’s poetry of a clean slate, of a New Orleans forced to rise from its own ashes, but there could be no fresh start if Tomás was still on the loose, no cure for Elijah with Luc unaccounted for, and no peace for the Mikaelsons until every bit of the old city had been burned away. Klaus had orchestrated a spectacular fire, but there was still much work to be done.

Rebekah heard shouts and a few screams behind her, and she knew that the city was waking to its fate at last. They would form brigades to bring water from the river, and they would fight valiantly for their home—just like the Mikaelsons had always done, and like Tomás believed he was doing. Rebekah knew better than anyone how impossible it was to hold on to a home…and how unthinkable it was to give one up.

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The Originals: The Resurrection PDF

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