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PDF Title : The Vampire Diaries:
Series : The Awakening
Chapter : 16 Chapters
Total Page : 127 Pages
Author: L. J. Smith
PDF Size : 391 KB
Language : English
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“I’m not sick,” she cried, pulling away. “And I’m not crazy, either, whatever you think. Stefan didn’t run away and he didn’t kill Mr. Tanner, and I don’t care if none of you believes me…” She Stopped, choking. Aunt Judith was fussing around her, hurrying her upstairs, and she let herself be hurried.

But she wouldn’t go to bed when Aunt Judith suggested she must be tired. Instead, she sat on the living room couch, by the fireplace, with blankets heaped around her. The phone rang all afternoon, and she heard Aunt Judith talking to friends, neighbors, the school. She assured all of them that Elena was fine.

The—the tragedy last night had unsettled her a bit, that was all, and she seemed a little feverish. But she’d be good as new after a rest. Meredith and Bonnie sat beside her. “Do you want to talk?” Meredith said in a low voice. Elena shook her head, staring into the fire. They were all against her. And Aunt Judith was wrong; she wasn’t fine. She wouldn’t be fine until Stefan was found.

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The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening PDF

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