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Stefan couldn’t hit Tyler because he wasn’t there. There are still plenty of people in town who think he killed Elena. He must have, they say because there was nobody else there. Katherine’s ashes were scattered all over by the time the rescuers got to the crypt. Stefan says it’s because she was so old that she flamed up like that. He says he should have realized the first time when Katherine pretended to burn, that a young vampire wouldn’t turn to ashes that way. She’d just die, like Elena. Only the old ones crumble.

Some people—especially Mr. Smallwood and his friends—would probably blame Damon if they could get hold of him. But they can’t. He wasn’t there when they reached the tomb, because Stefan helped his getaway. Stefan won’t say where, but I think to someplace in the woods. Vampires must heal fast because today when I met him after the service, Stefan said that Damon had left Fell’s Church. He wasn’t happy about it; I think Damon didn’t tell him. Now the question seems to be: What is Damon doing? Out biting innocent girls? Or is he reformed? I wouldn’t lay bets on it either way. Damon was a strange guy.

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The Vampire Diaries: The furry PDF

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