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PDF Title : Vampire Diaries: The Salvation
Book Series : The Salvation
Edition : Vol 3 – Unmasked
Total Page : 192 Pages
Author: L. J. Smith
PDF Size : 1,024 KB
Language : English
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Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unmasked Vol-3 Book

Elena had gotten a chance to talk to Bonnie last night after the rehearsal dinner. She and Meredith and Bonnie had sat up half the night in Bonnie’s room, talking things over, just like old times. When Meredith had stepped out for a minute, Elena had turned to Bonnie and breathed, “Bonnie, the last thing I remember before two weeks ago was Halloween night in Fell’s Church.”

Bonnie had squealed and leaped up to hug Elena. It was such a relief to have just one person to share this huge secret with, Elena thought, watching as Bonnie began to speak her vows, promising to have and to hold.

Things hadn’t changed that much for Bonnie in this life. She was a witch, she had gone to Dalcrest, she taught kindergarten, she loved Zander, she lived in Colorado. She was happy. Perhaps a little softer and gentler than the Bonnie Elena had known in the future she’d left behind. This Bonnie hadn’t been through so much, hadn’t seen her friends die.

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Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unmasked Vol-3 PDF

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