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PDF Title : Vampire Diaries: The Salvation
Book Series : The Salvation
Edition : Vol 2 – Unspoken
Total Page : 186 Pages
Author: L. J. Smith
PDF Size : 951 KB
Language : English
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Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unspoken Vol-2 Book

Her arms around Alaric’s neck, Meredith swayed with him in time to the slow, romantic song. The cake had just been cut, Bonnie and Zander feeding each other as they laughed, a smudge of icing high on Zander’s cheek. The dance floor was emptier than it had been all night. Most of the guests were laughing and chattering as they ate. But Meredith didn’t want to be with everyone else, not even Elena, or Bonnie’s family, who she’d known for most of her life. Not now.

“Remember our wedding?” Alaric said softly, his hand firm against her back. Meredith nodded against Alaric’s shoulder. Theirs had been more formal, two hundred guests in a church instead of fifty in a meadow, but she had been as happy as Bonnie’s glowing face was right now.

The Salvation: Unseen
The Salvation: Unmasked

Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unspoken Vol-2 PDF

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