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PDF Title : Vampire Diaries: The Salvation
Book Series : The Salvation
Edition : Vol 1 – Unseen
Total Page : 186 Pages
Author: L. J. Smith
PDF Size : 951 KB
Language : English
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Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unseen Vol-1 Book

They’d wrapped Stefan’s body in white silk and laid him carefully in the grave, his weapons around him. It was a beautiful spot they’d chosen, the river flowing past with a continual soothing sound of rushing water, moss covered tree trunks rising up around them. A breeze fluttered the corner of the silk, its motion a parody of life, and Damon gritted his teeth. Everyone was waiting for someone else to begin Stefan’s last rites.

Picking up a handful of dirt from the pile by the grave, he walked to the edge and let it trickle slowly from his fingers over Stefan’s body, dark earth sullying the clean white cloth. “It’s a waste,” he said, his voice hard and vicious to his own ears. “Stefan tried so hard; he worked and worked to not be a vampire, to fight who he had become. And he died still hating what he was.” Damon opened his hand, letting the rest of the dirt spill into the grave.

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Vampire Diaries: The Salvation: Unseen Vol-1 PDF

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